One of the first signs my dad gave me after he had returned home happened one January day when I had been missing him. I drove to visit him at the grave yard, which is something I like to do and sit and chat with him. I know I can talk to him anytime and anywhere, however we have a lovely memorial stone with his picture etched in it and I have always like to visit grave yards. 

This particular day was a sunny January afternoon and we had very little snow which is unusual for the great white north, but this year had been nice and mild. I was sitting there chatting with my dad and I told him that I missed his big bear hugs the most and wished that could feel him again. I do feel his love all the time, but I do miss his beautiful physical self. After I was done I asked him If I could take a picture of him so I snapped a few shots around me and then went home. 

When I got home I loaded my pictures onto the computer and in it was a big 10 foot pink orb of light beside me. (There was also another one of this beautiful blue orb in front of another couple who had been there to visit their daughter’s grave as we did have a wonderful conversation together as we were leaving.) I was so thrilled to see it and decided to send it off to my mom in an email and then I called her to share my news. I actually think she thought I had finally lost my mind. You know that tone someone has when they think you are a bit or perhaps even a lot crazy lol. Anyway, I told her my story and said its him. I could just see her thought of “My daughter has finally lost it…it is bad enough she talks to angels, dead people and other things that most people don’t see, now she thinks she is taking pictures of dead people.” 

A day went by and I did not hear back from my mom which is unusual so I called her and she said she had just been too busy and had not checked her email. This kind of concerned me as my mom is in business and checks her email throughout the day. I decided to ask my sister what she thought and she asked me to send her the picture. She called me back within minutes crying and told me how beautiful she thought it was and that it touched her heart. I am so happy that I wasn’t alone and so I called mom and told her that Angela loved it and she told me that she would get to it later. 

A few hours passed and I had forgotten about the picture and our call. I was out for a walk in the park with my dog and when I got home there was a kind of distressed message from my mom to call her back right away. My first thought was that my Nana in England has passed over (her mom) and I called her right away. She answered the phone and said, “You’re not going to believe what just happened” and I said ‘What” and she said “I finally had some time to check my computer and look at the picture you sent me. You know how the messages come in with a time stamp” and I said yes, and she said, well at the exact same time you sent me the message a girl I had gone to high school with and not heard from in years sent me a message with the subject line “Here is an oldie but a goody” so I decided to open it first and start with something more positive. When I opened the email it was a copy of the poem “The Cremation of Sam Magee” by Robert Service. This poem was one of my dad’s favourites and I actually read it when I gave his eulogy. Mom said, I took this as a sign from your dad that it was all good and he was letting me know that it was indeed him. She opened the picture and was equally as moved as my sister and I had been. 

The next summer I was sharing this story with one of my cousins at a family reunion and so I said to her, oh, I should take a picture since he is probably here with us since I just called him in. I snapped the picture, and sure enough standing right beside us was the big pink guy again. It is the only two pictures I have of a big pink light and I do have lots of spiritual photography I have taken through the years. Here is the one for you from the family gathering. 

Dad's Light 2

I am touched in my heart every time I look at one of these as I can feel his love. I know that it dad giving me heart hugs. It is a good reminder for those who have lost someone they love. They are always around us, even if we can’t see them and they do communicate with us. I hope this share helps anyone who is struggling with a loss of someone they love and it gives them the knowing that we are not alone.

Have a wonderful week, Until next time, love and blessings, Sharon, Dad and the Angels xoxo

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