A Moment of Change

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People in recovery, as I talk about in my book “The Law of Sobriety”, are often caught up in how everyone sees them. They are typically very pessimistic about their future, their ability to lead a clean and sober life and the ability to make positive decisions as to their future. The longer that these negative thoughts last and the more entrenched that you are in how you really see yourself the more challenging your recovery will be. This is because when all we see and experience is negative, that is all that we are able to process.

The Boomerang Effect

Think of life experiences like a boomerang being thrown away from you. No matter how hard and how far you try to throw the piece of wood is eventually going to turn around and come right back to you. That is very similar to how the universe works based on the principles in the Law of Attraction. The more negativity you throw into the universe about yourself and your life, the more that of that negativity that will come back all around you. However, you can reverse this, and you have the power to do so simply by changing how you see yourself and your life.

When you send a positive boomerang out into the world around you, you won’t have to duck, it will be a positive boomerang coming back. You will see opportunities that are present to allow you to move forward.

Sending Out Positives

One very important way to get rid of the negative images you have about yourself is to get to know yourself all over again. This means spending time alone, really exploring what is important to you and what you are all about. Then the next step is to see yourself as that person being positive, being progressive, being successful. Until you are able to send that positive image of you out to the world around you it isn’t going to come back to you either.

As you become more comfortable in sending that positive energy and positive self into the world around you opportunities will begin to appear that will help you manifest that positive self. It may not happen tomorrow or the next day, but it will happen as you become more confident and secure in your pathway through recovery.


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