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Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within
By Janet Conner
Review: Writing Down Your Soul might be just another book offering a means to develop spiritual insight if it weren’t for the way Janet Conner structured the book.Like many authors, she wrote a detailed introduction that included her personal story.  But unlikemost authors, Conner offers readers an open, vulnerable re-telling of her own story in her introduction.  An introduction that makes you admire the author and immediately opens you to the technique she offers in the rest of the book.Conner’s bare, honest first person narrative describes the unfortunate life circumstances that led her to start a journal, and how that journal became a means for her to channel her inner voice and tap into her inner wisdom.

Personally, I was hooked after the introduction.  I had confidence in Conner as a storyteller and as someone who used writing as a lifeline to save herself and her son.  The chapters that follow provide detailed and sage advice about how to test out what it means to “Write Down Your Soul” and offers a variety of useful tips, exercises and examples from Conner’s life that enable the reader to have confidence that they too can use writing as a means to reconnect with their souls.

Recommended for: Writers, aspiring writers, letter-writers, journal-writers and scrap-bookers.  Anyone who likes to jot down notes about their life but would like their scribblings to delve into their spiritual core.

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