Serenity in an Age of Anxiety
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     ‘My review is coming up and I have no idea how I will fare,’ Brenda* worried out loud. She hated not knowing because if it was bad enough she could lose her job. She explained how a few people […]

Now that you know a wise, fearless and kind Brilliant Counselor is available for the asking, here is how to access him/her/it.   Find a quiet and private place where you will not be interrupted. Sit in one chair and […]

Few people can afford all the therapy and coaching they want or need. Friends can fill some of the gaps and are invaluable but can be loath to point out the ways we contribute to our own problems.  Plus, if […]

    Before Paulo Coelho and Marianne Williamson had best-selling books advocating better living through love and connection, Einstein had taken the leap from theoretical physicist to metaphysician.  Metaphysics literally means beyond physics but is more generally used to describe […]