• Faith: Christian
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  January 14, 1948
  • Date of Death:  February 01, 2024

Carl Weathers was an actor perhaps best known for playing boxer Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" films.

In addition to the "Rocky" films, Weathers had memorable roles in films including "Predator" and "Happy Gilmore." He also appeared on TV in the crime drama "Street Justice" and on the sitcom "Arrested Development." In 2021, he was nominated for an Emmy for his recurring role in the "Star Wars"-inspired streaming series "The Mandalorian."

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Carl Weathers came into the world on January 14, 1948. The eighth of eight children, his upbringing was modest due to his family's financial circumstances. Even in these challenging conditions, Weathers demonstrated a lively spirit and a distinct knack for sports, showing exceptional talent in both football and track & field events.

These athletic abilities opened doors for Weathers that might have otherwise been closed. His prowess on the football field secured him a scholarship to Long Beach City College. His success there led to an opportunity to transfer to San Diego State University, where he continued to excel in athletics.

At San Diego State, Weathers majored in drama, which unknowingly set the foundation for his future career in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, he continued to shine on the football field, which ultimately led to a professional football career. Little did he know that his time on the gridiron would be a stepping stone to Hollywood, where he would achieve worldwide recognition.

In these early years, Weathers exemplified a sense of determination and resilience, both in his academics and athletics. His upbringing, though fraught with financial difficulties, shaped him into an individual ready to face challenges head-on. His early experiences instilled in him the values of hard work, perseverance, and ambition, which later became the bedrock of his success in Hollywood.

Carl Weathers transitioned from a professional football career, where he had stints with the Oakland Raiders and the British Columbia Lions, into the limelight of Hollywood. The turning point came in 1976 with the film "Rocky" where he flawlessly embodied the character of Apollo Creed. His portrayal of the determined and flamboyant boxing champion became iconic, and it set the stage for Weathers' journey to stardom. His performance was widely recognized and earned him critical acclaim, allowing him to revisit his character in the sequels, "Rocky II," "Rocky III," and "Rocky IV."

Weathers did not rest on his laurels after the Rocky series. He expanded his acting repertoire with roles in blockbuster films such as the action-packed "Predator" and the thrill-filled "Action Jackson." These performances bolstered his image as a versatile actor capable of handling diverse roles with finesse.

In his later years, Weathers made waves on the small screen. He secured roles in popular television series, such as the cult favorite "Arrested Development" and the hit Star Wars spin-off "The Mandalorian." The latter has been a particularly significant part of his career, where he not only acted but also directed several episodes.

In the realm of his personal life, Carl Weathers walked down the aisle twice. His first matrimonial commitment was with Mary Ann Castle, a union that lasted from 1973 to 1983. During their ten years together, they welcomed two sons into their family. However, the relationship came to an end, and the couple decided to part ways.

Following his divorce from Castle, Weathers found love again with Rhona Unsell. They exchanged vows and commenced a new chapter together. Despite their best efforts to nurture their relationship, their marital journey also culminated in divorce.

Carl Weathers' Religious Beliefs

Throughout every season of his life, Carl Weathers anchored himself in the tenets of his Christian faith. This spiritual foundation not only played a significant role in his personal life but also influenced his professional journey. His belief system was a reservoir of strength, supplying him with courage, resilience, and optimism in times of both triumph and trial. Weathers' words in interviews are a testament to the profound role his faith played in his life. He often referred to his Christian beliefs as a compass, steering him through life's turbulent waters and illuminating his path during periods of darkness.

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