Stomp by Kirk Franklin and God’s Property 

When “Stomp” was released in 1997, it generated a lot of controversy, particularly in the Gospel music space. Kirk Franklin and the Texas-based young adult gospel choir, God’s Property’s release was a new sound for the world of Gospel. Some believed Gospel music was going too far, but it was a really a new beginning for the genre. The song inspired a new and youthful Christian audience that no artist or album had done before in the history of Gospel music. This song is electrifying and is sure to get everyone moving at the party!

Born Again by Newsboys

The song “Born Again” represents everything Newsboys was going through the year they created the song. Band member Michael Tait explained this about the song’s message: “We’ve all believed in lies at some point…I had some prodigal years in the past, but I hope the song encourages others to make the same decision I did: I’m giving Him the best of everything that’s left of the life inside this man/I’ve been born again.” This is a song that Christian-partygoers can not only dance to, but also relate to.

Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary

If you’re looking for the ultimate Christian party playlist, “Shackles (Praise You)” must be on the list! It is a modern-day account of the children of Israel in bondage but see free. It was originally written for The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, but the duo liked it so much they decided to keep it for their own album. Tina Atkins of the band said the tune relates the Exodus story in a contemporary way, addressing bondage people have in their lives – whether it’s bad relationships or the stresses of family and work. “Shackles” really is the ultimate praise song.

Dance by David Crowder Band

Get ready to feel the healing and the present of Christ with this fun, techno-inspired song. You’ve got to love dancing to these lyrics: Dance if you’re wounded/Dance if you’re torn in two/Dance if you’re broken open/ Dance with nothing to lose. Just as the lyrics suggest, we can change the world, change the soul when we turn up and appreciate the story that saves.

Gold by Britt Nicole

This song released from Christian-recording artist Britt Nicole is so positive and uplifting. The message in the song is clear. Whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold: “When everybody keeps score, afraid you’re gonna lose, just ignore. They don’t know the real you.” The song reflects our worthiness in the eyes of God. We are precious in His sight.

Funky Jesus Music by TobyMac

“Funky Jesus Music” from TobyMac is super fun and high-energy. You’ve got to love the lines “none of that mumbo jumbo. Give me that hip hop funk soul. Give me that funky Jesus music. Give me that soulful gumbo”. All the party-goers will have fun dancing to this song and glorifying our Lord in the process. This is definitely one to add to the playlist.

Something in Your Eyes by Shonlock

The best way to describe this song’s sound is new spirit-filled pop. Shonlock takes his inspiration from R&B and contemporary pop and rock music, finding a high energy groove in the fields of the Lord. Your party-goers will love this song and all it has to offer.

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