keith urban
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  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  October 26, 1967

Who is Keith Urban?

Keith Urban is a Grammy-award-winning country music singer, songwriter and guitarist. The Grammy award-winner was most recently a celebrity judge on ‘American Idol’. Currently, he is married to actress Nicole Kidman. They have two daughters, Sunday and Faith. Keith Lionel Urban was born in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand, on Oct. 26, 1967. Most of his childhood was spent in Australia. His love for American country music stemmed from his parents.

Keith's musical upbringing and career

During his adolescent years, Urban had a plethora of wins from several talent shows and even joined a country band. He released his first album in 1991, which did really well in Australia. In 1991, he debuted his first album, which enjoyed success in his native Australia. The Australian native moved to Nashville in the 1990s to pursue his music career in the famous city. His next album “Keith Urban,” was dropped in 1999, setting a long-running and successful music career. Urban has won multiple Grammy, Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music awards. The successful country music artist joined the hit tv show “American Idol” as a celebrity judge on season 12 and stayed on the show until it ended in 2016.

What does Keith Urban believe?

Both Keith and his wife Nicole have shared their strong faith in God. Some of his songs even have Bible verses in the title. The country singer has never been ashamed to express his faith in God.

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