Chris Tomlin
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  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  May 04, 1972

Christopher Tomlin is an American Christian music singer, worship leader, and songwriter. He was born and raised in Grand Saline, TX. The Christian artist is currently a member of Passion Conferences.

As a child, the Texas native initially learned to play the guitar by strumming along to Willie Nelson's songs.

At age 14, Tomlin wrote his first worship song. While attending Texas A&M University, he initially planned to pursue physical therapy, but he felt God's plan was for him to do something different. Tomlin participated in Dawson McAllister Youth Conferences and various church camps in Texas as a worship leader during that time. After college, Tomlin formed a band while working in ministry at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Famous youth minister Louie Giglio offered Tomlin the opportunity to join the Passion Conferences team as a speaker in 1997. Since then, the worship leader has been a part of the Christian youth movement.

Chris Tomlin was brought up in a religious household continued to stay true to his faith throughout his life. His goal is to write songs that bring people closer to God.

"Building a career is just fine," Tomlin explained, "but nothing compares to building bridges through music that lead to hope, healing and higher ground." In 2001, Tomlin nationally premiered his first solo album, "The Noise We Make."

"I want to write songs that people sing to God. There's nothing wrong with a three-minute pop song, but I want these songs to be special to the church. There's more of a laser focus on that than ever," he elaborated on why he chose that specific music path.

His music career really took off in 2004 when his album "Arriving" was certified Platinum, landed at number six on the Billboard Top Christian Albums, and scoring number 36 overall on the Hot 200 chart. To date, he has sold over 7 million records and gives all the credit to God for his success.

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