Ringo Starr smiling with sunglasses
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  July 07, 1940

Ringo Starr is a famous drummer for the Beatles. He was born in Liverpool, grew up poor, and early in his life suffered from some health problems. During his medical visits, the nurses encouraged him to play percussion instruments and that slowly influenced him to learn to play the drums. 

Ringo Starr Religion and Spiritual Beliefs

Ringo Starr talks about God and admits to being a Christian. He also practices Buddhism and Hinduism. He, at age 70, further explains how he believes in God and has achieved a sense of enlightenment in his later years. He thought he was an atheist when he was younger and experimented with drugs such as LSD. However, due to life's experiences and time, he confidently says God is "in his life."

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