Ridley Scott credit Gage Skidmore flickr
Ridley Scott credit Gage Skidmore flickr
  • Faith: Atheist
  • Career: Director
  • Birthday:  November 30, 1937

Ridley Scott has become known for his sci-fi works and strong female characters. His first feature film was “The Dualists.” It won the Best Debut Film award at the Cannes Film Festival. Scott’s second film was arguably one of his best known and most successful, the 1979 film “Alien.” His road trip film, “Thelma & Louise” was one of his biggest critical successes, but he is better known for his films made on a grander scale including “Gladiator” and “The Martian.”

Scott has two sons through his marriage to Felicity Heywood and a daughter through his marriage to Sandy Watson. His current partner is Giannina Facio who has appeared in almost all of his films. In addition to including Facio in many of his works, Scott has dedicated a number of his films to members of his family who have died.

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