Seth Rogan
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  • Faith: Judaism
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  April 15, 1982

Seth Rogen is a Canadian comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker. He was born on April 15, 1982, in Vancouver, B.C. His Jewish family originates from Ukraine and Russia. Growing up, Rogen was enrolled in Jewish schools, where he took many religious and Jewish history classes. The young writer also went to Jewish summer camps called “Habonim Dror” in Vancouver. Rogen has often publicly proclaimed that he is a committed Jew. He occasionally references his Jewish faith in his movie roles, like in the comedy “Neighbors” starring him and fellow Jewish actor Zac Efron.

He started his career doing stand-up comedy shows in Vancouver. Later, he moved to Los Angeles for a role he received in Judd Apatow’s TV show “Freaks and Geeks.” The nostalgic show was canceled after one season, so Rogen wrote and acted on the sitcom “Undeclared.” The actor’s writing experience on the show was a significant stepping stone in his career. Rogen’s writing coworker, Evan Goldberg, from “Undeclared” went with him to write episodes for season two of “Da Ali G Show.” Rogen and Sacha Baron Cohen, the main character of “Da Ali G Show,” were in the same Jewish youth group in their adolescence.

Rogen has received a plethora of award nominations, but few category wins for his projects. The writer won Best Film Writing in the 2008 Canadian Comedy Awards for his work in “Superbad.” He had written the movie script years before so that he could star as himself. However, the Superbad production team wanted a younger actor to portray the “18-year-old version” of Rogen and went with fellow comedy actor Jonah Hill.

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