Sadie Robertson
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Author
  • Birthday:  June 11, 1997

Sadie Robertson Huff is an American social media influencer, actress, model, and author. She was born and raised in Monroe, LA. Robertson rose to fame on her family’s reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” growing up and competed on “Dancing with The Stars” as a teenager. In a few Christian films, the Louisiana native had cameos such as “I’m Not Ashamed” and “God’s Not Dead 2”. The young starlet also used to model for the couture dress brand Sherri Hill.

However, she has developed her own social media empire and written several Christian lifestyle books over the years. Based on the titles and messages of her several books, Sadie currently has a Christian lifestyle social movement called Live Original. Live Original is a website and app catered to Christian women or anyone looking for positive lifestyle inspiration. She also has a podcast called “Woah! That’s Good”, hosts “Live Original sister” conferences, and a blog. The 24-year-old currently has a whopping 4.5 followers on Instagram alone.

In fall 2019, Robertson got married to Christian Huff. Later in spring 2021, she gave birth to their baby girl Honey James Huff.

Sadie Robertson Huff and her family have always been very bold about their religion. The Duck Dynasty cast has always proclaimed their Christian values on their show and in interviews which sometimes landed them in controversy. For instance, Si Robertson was in hot water with their TV shows’ network “A&E” after a comment he made in a 2013 GQ interview about homosexuality. The network suspended him from the show. However, after receiving significant backlash from the fans, A&E removed the ban after nine days.

Despite it all, Sadie and her family have always stayed true to their faith and values. They always display the message that faith and family are the most essential things in life. Sadie has several siblings (biological, adoptive, and in-law’s) that have their loving family growing more and more over the years.

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