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  • Faith: Protestant
  • Career: Public Figure
  • Birthday:  November 08, 1966
  • Fun Fact: While leading a film crew to expose shark poachers in Costa Rica, he was cornered by the poachers, doused in gasoline and held at gunpoint.

Gordon Ramsay was born in Scotland in 1966 and went on to become both a talented chef and a well-known television personality. His restaurants have been awarded a combined total of 16 Michelin stars, and his television appearances helped him become the 21st highest earning celebrity on earth.

Ramsay first made his name as a talented chef, but he has come to be best known for his fiery television personality. His first documented television role was in a pair of documentaries, “Boiling Point” and “Beyond Boiling Point,” but it was the reality-style TV shows “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” and “Hell’s Kitchen” that catapulted him into his role as a pop culture icon both in the U.K. and America. His appearances on television are marked by a ferocious temper, harsh insults and coarse language.


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