Madison Prewett
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Public Figure
  • Birthday:  March 25, 1996

Madison Prewett is an American reality T.V. star and social media influencer. The 25-year-old was born and raised in Auburn, AL. With her father being the coach for Auburn University's men's basketball team, she grew up playing basketball with her dad and played for her high school's team.

Prewett made her reality television debut as a contestant on season 24 of the hit ABC show, The Bachelor. She won fans over with her down-to-earth personality and unique basketball skills. The fan-favorite had dropped prior hints on the show about the importance of her faith. However, the audience and Bachelor Peter Weber were utterly shocked when Prewett revealed in the last few episodes that she was saving herself for marriage.

Prewett's revelation shook the status quo of the reality tv show's "fantasy suite" expectations that occurred every season. Prewitt's stance on faith and her unwillingness to compromise her values received backlash from bachelor Peter Weber's mother on the live finale show, in addition to some offended fans online. On the other hand, many fans agreed with Madison's faith and stance on relationship values. Christian celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Sadie Robertson applauded her for standing up for her Christian values, befriending her and giving advice on fame.

Since her time on The Bachelor, Prewett has broadened her social media presence. She uses her Instagram to promote God's word, positive inspiration, and her daily life to her 1.7 million followers. The Christian influencer also hones her public speaking skills to share her messages at different churches. The Auburn University alum has a YouTube channel in which she shares her daily life updates and gives advice about navigating the dating world as a Christian.

The Alabama native is releasing her new Christian and lifestyle book "Made for This Moment: Standing Firm in Strength, Grace, and Courage" on Oct. 19. The novel will dive into her personal faith journey, her time on The Bachelor, and her relationship testimonies.

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