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  • Faith: Christian - Catholic
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  November 10, 1969
  • Accomplishments:  All Star
  • Fun Fact: Ellen said in an interview that she struggled with her emotions over her mother's passing from her strict upbringing

Ellen Pompeo grew up in Massachusetts, of Irish, Italian, and English ancestry. Her mother died when she was four. At age 19, she dabbled on modeling for some time and decided to become an actress and in 1999 began appearing in movies, including minor roles in Catch Me if You Can, Old School, Daredevil, and Nobody’s Perfect. Her television career included roles in Law & Order, Strangers with Candy, and Friends, but in 2005 her career really took off when she played the lead role of Meredith Grey in one of the best drama series to date, Grey’s Anatomy. This part won her numerous awards, including Favorite Drama Actress from People’s Choice Award. In 2007 she married Chris Ivery, a music producer, and their daughter was born in 2009.

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