Shawn Mendez
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  • Faith: Spirituality
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  August 08, 1998

Shawn Peter Mendes is a Canadian singer and songwriter. In 2013, the teenager rose to fame after posting a few songs covers on the video-sharing social media app Vine. The following year, he recorded his first single, "Life of the Party," and his career took off from its release in June 2014. A month after his debut single, Mendes released his first original E.P., which charted number one on the iTunes charts within less than an hour of its release.

In his early career, the Canadian singer was not very outspoken about his religious beliefs. However, recently Mendes explained how listening to worship group Maverick City's songs about Jesus truly moved his heart. The pop singer expressed that he only recently started his faith journey after being "more or less atheist."

On the man Enough podcast, Mendes spoke of how he believes that music has great power. "Only in the last two years, I've realized the real power that music is," Mendes explained. "There's something so interesting because I grew up kind of more or less atheist. And now becoming much more spiritual and really being sure there's a God, or sure there's a higher thing, the universe or whatever, music was the thing that did that for me. Watching Maverick City choir singing about God, singing about Jesus, I'm sitting there watching this YouTube video, and they're singing about Jesus. I just start crying, like crying my eyes out," the award-winning songwriter confessed. "You know when you're crying, and it's like this is like something leaving me," he continued. "This is like that type of cry. I'm like, how is something that my whole life I've grown up to believe is fanatic and not science and not the truth feels like home because of this song?"

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