scotty mccreery
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  October 09, 1993

Scotty Cooke McCreery is a country singer who rose to fame after winning the tenth “American Idol” season in May 2011. His debut album, “Clear as Day,” was released in October 2011 and was certified platinum in the United States. The album includes the hit songs “The Trouble With Girls” and “I Love You This Big.” He also released a Christmas album, “Christmas with Scott McCreery,” in October 2012, and it’s been certified gold.

His third album, “See You Tonight,” was released in October 2013. The title track became his first hit song to reach the top ten on Billboard’s Country charts. McCreery became the only country music artist in Country Aircheck/Media base history to chart a song without a record label’s backing with his 2017 single “Five More Minutes.” His fourth album, “Seasons Change,” was released in March 2018 and became McCreery’s fourth top-ten album in the United States. He released his fifth studio album, “Same Truck,” in 2021.

McCreery was born in 1993 in Garner, North Carolina. His parents, Michael and Judy, originally planned to name him Evan but changed their minds on their way to the hospital. When he was about five or six, McCreery received a book about Elvis Presley from his grandmother, and Elvis became his earliest musical influence. He started learning guitar when he was about nine or ten years old. In 2009, McCreery won a singing contest called “Clayton Idol,” held by WQDR-FM at the Clayton Harvest Festival in Clayton, North Carolina.

After winning, he held several local shows with the radio station, raising money for sick kids. Later the same year, he was one of 36 finalists in a contest called Rip the Hallways, featuring teenage vocalists across North Carolina. On Valentine’s Day 2010 eve, McCreery performed in a variety show called Gift 4, held by Garner. He performed at the second annual Boots, Bands, and Bulls benefit concert in April of that year. Funds from the concert went to Brittany’s Battle, a Garner-based non-profit that supports cancer patients. The concert was held in Raleigh, and country singer Jason Michael Carroll also performed.

What religion is Scott McCreery?

McCreery identifies as a Christian. He was raised a Southern Baptist and often credited Jesus for his voice and getting him through the “American Idol” competition. At the start of his career, he expressed that he wanted at least one Christian song on any of his albums, like his idol, Josh Turner. He said, “One thing I love about Josh Turner is his faith; that’s why I looked up to him so much. All of his albums have had at least one Christian song, like ‘The Answer’ on his last album and ‘Long Black Train.’ So I’m hoping to have that on my album, that one Christian song.”

In 2021, McCreery told Everything Nash, “To me, my faith is a humongous part of my daily life. I lean on it every single day and pray every single day. And if we’re being honest, most of our prayers are always asking, ‘Hey, can You do this for me? Can You do this for me, man? I need help here,’ which is great.”

He continued, “But just the perspective of asking God how He’s doing, because I would think in the last year or so, He’s just been up there, shaking his head, looking down at everything, all the craziness going on. I just had never heard that perspective of a prayer before, and I thought it was so cool. To me, it’s a pretty powerful song to end the album with.”

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