• Faith: Unknown
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  November 03, 1961

Elliott Harcourt Montgomery, known professionally as Lee Montgomery, is a United States-based Canadian actor. He’s best known for his role as a lonely boy who befriends a group of killer rats in the movie “Ben,” Davey in the cult classic “Burnt Offerings,” and as Sarah Jessica Parker’s dance partner, Jeff Malene in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Montgomery started his career as a model before venturing into the acting world.

He debuted in the Disney movie “The Million Dollar Duck” in 1971 before landing a starring role in “Ben,” the sequel to “Williard.” He played Billy Baker in “Baker’s Hawk.” Montgomery played a dying boy in the Academy-Award-nominated movie “Pete ‘n’ Tille.” He appeared on TV series like “Columbo,” “The Mod Squad,” “The Streets of San Francisco,” “Kojak,” “Adam-12,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

In the 1990s, Montgomery made more cameo appearances in TV shows like “Family Ties,” “CHiPs,” “Fame,” and “Dallas,” eventually transitioning to adult roles in movies like “Into the Fire,” “Night Shadows,” and “Split Image.” One of his best-known later roles was as Phil Grenville in “The Midnight Hour.” He also played Jeff Malene in the teen-comedy “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” where he participates in a memorable dance scene with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. He also appeared in a “CBS Schoolbreak Special” called “Hear Me Cry.”

After leaving the limelight, Montgomery pursued other interests, like music-related projects. He composed the soundtrack for the movie “Trigon: The Legend of Pelgidium” before completely disappearing from public view for over 20 years. For some of that time, he worked for a marketing firm. Around 2012, Montgomery resurfaced. In 2016, he appeared at Monster-Mania Con and other horror-themed conventions, posing for pictures with fans and signing photos.

A more recent on-camera interview with Montgomery is featured on the re-issue DVD and Blu-ray of “Burnt Offerings.” In it, he discusses the film’s making and other experiences during his time as an actor. As of March 2019, Montgomery works as a full-time professional real estate agent in Solvang, California. He’s the brother of actresses Belinda Montgomery and Tannis G. Montgomery.

What religion is Lee Montgomery?

Because Montgomery has spent most of his life away from the spotlight, it’s challenging to say if he believes in a specific religion. He didn’t say much about any spiritual beliefs while in the spotlight and didn’t mention it during his brief public resurgence. As for why he disappeared from the public eye, no one knows the true reason. Perhaps the bright lights of Hollywood became too much for him, so he opted for a regular life.

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