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  • Faith: Protestant
  • Career: Public Figure
  • Birthday:  January 09, 1982

Catherine, Princess of Wales, (born Catherine "Kate" Elizabeth Middleton), is a member of the British royal family. She is married to William, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne.

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Berkshire, England, to Carole and Michael Middleton. She grew up in a close-knit family alongside her siblings, Pippa and James. Kate attended Marlborough College, where she excelled academically and participated in various extracurricular activities, including sports and theater.

After completing her schooling, Kate enrolled at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she studied Art History. It was at St Andrews where she first crossed paths with Prince William, her future husband. Despite the initial media frenzy surrounding their relationship, Kate remained focused on her studies and graduated with honors in 2005.

Kate Middleton's relationship with Prince William blossomed during their time at university. After a brief separation in 2007, the couple reunited and announced their engagement in November 2010. On April 29, 2011, the world watched in awe as Kate and William exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey in London.

Their wedding, dubbed the "wedding of the century," was a lavish affair attended by dignitaries, celebrities, and millions of viewers worldwide. Kate's timeless elegance and poise captivated onlookers, solidifying her status as a fashion icon and beloved member of the royal family.

Following their wedding, Kate and William embarked on their journey as parents. On July 22, 2013, they welcomed their first child, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, followed by Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana on May 2, 2015, and Prince Louis Arthur Charles on April 23, 2018.

As parents, Kate and William are dedicated to providing their children with a normal upbringing while balancing the responsibilities of royal life. Kate's warmth and nurturing nature shine through in her interactions with her children, earning her admiration from fans around the world.

Since becoming a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton has embraced her role with grace and dedication. She has focused her efforts on supporting causes related to children's mental health, early childhood development, and the arts.

As a patron of various charitable organizations, including the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and the Royal Foundation's Heads Together campaign, Kate has used her platform to raise awareness and advocate for those in need. Her genuine compassion and empathy have endeared her to people from all walks of life.

In addition to her philanthropic work, Kate has also taken on a more prominent role within the royal family, representing the monarchy at official events and engagements both domestically and abroad. Her impeccable style and diplomatic demeanor have earned her praise as a modern ambassador for the United Kingdom.

In March 2024, two months after she underwent "major" abdominal surgery, Kate announced she was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

Kate Middleton's Religious Beliefs

Kate Middleton was raised in a devoutly Christian household, and her faith has played a significant role in shaping her worldview and values. Middleton, who was christened as a child, decided to be confirmed into the Church of England preceding her wedding to Prince William. As a member of the Church of England, Kate attends church services regularly with her family, participating in both private and public religious ceremonies.

Her faith has provided her with strength and guidance during challenging times, and she has spoken openly about the importance of spirituality in her life. Kate's commitment to her religious beliefs is evident in her dedication to serving others and promoting compassion and understanding in society.

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