JStone / Shutterstock.com
JStone / Shutterstock.com
  • Faith: Judaism
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  September 30, 1992

Ezra Miller debuted in the feature film "Afterschool" in 2008 and starred as Kevin in the drama "We Need to Talk About Kevin" three years later. He later co-starred in the 2012 adaptaton of the book "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and the 2015 drama "The Standford Prison Experiment." He is arguably best known for his roles in the Harry Potter spinoff series "Fantastic Beasts," where he plays Obscurial Credence Barebone, and his portrayal of Barry Allen or The Flash in the DC films "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Suicide Squad" and "Justice League."

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