ACLU of Southern California / Flickr
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  March 18, 1970

Grammy award winner and Oscar nominated Queen Latifah was born as Dana Owens in Newark, New Jersey. Her nickname Latifah was given by her cousin when she was 8 years old; the name means delicate and sensitive. She started her career as a rapper and later opened, Flavor Unit Records, her own record production company. Later, Queen Latifah could be seen in acting roles in Juice, Jungle Fever, House Party II and Set It Off. She starred in the Fox sitcom Living Single. She received an Oscar nomination for best Supporting Actress for her part in the musical Chicago. Covergirl has also added Queen Latifah as a spokesperson. Queen Latifah was baptized a Baptist. However, she has no problem going to any church despite the religious orientation.

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