Lindsey Lohan
Rafael Amado Deres / Flickr
  • Faith: Christian - Catholic
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  July 02, 1986
  • Accomplishments:  Mtv Movie Awards 2012, Teen Choice Awards
  • Fun Fact: Lindsay is allergic to blueberries.

Modeling since the age of 3, Lindsay Lohan had a very early introduction to life in the spotlight. At age 10, she was a regular on the soap Another World before transitioning to film, starting with Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. The success this film and her role led to a three-film contract with Disney, including another remake – this time Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis. Her non-Disney break-out role in Mean Girls gave her a public persona that every teen girl could relate to, and made her a household name. Life in the public eye has been a challenge for Lindsay, and in recent years she’s flown a bit more under the radar, living abroad in London, England.

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