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  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  December 28, 2978

John Legend is a multiple Grammy Award winning musician and songwriter from Springfield, Ohio. His grandmother taught him how to play the piano as a child and he grew up singing in the church choir. He directed an acapella group in college at the University of Pennsylvania and worked for Boston Consulting Group after graduation while continuing to perform music in night clubs.

Legend has worked with artists such as Alicia Keys, Twista, Janet Jackson, and Kanye West. His debut album in 2004 went platinum thanks to the hit single “Ordinary People.” He has won three Grammy’s and has also tried acting in 2008 with his supporting role in Soul Men with Samuel L. Jackson. Because of his Ivy League education, he is very interested in educational charity programs such as Harlem Village Academies. He claims to have come from a city where 40-50% of kids drop out of high school, but he was the exception. He did well and went on to get an exceptional education that he wants to make sure every kid has the opportunity to have. He married model Chrissy Teigen in 2013.

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