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  • Faith: Christian Science
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  October 05, 1923
  • Date of Death:  January 04, 2024

Glynis Johns was a British actress widely considered to have been one of the last surviving major stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. In a career spanning eight decades on stage and screen, Johns appeared in more than 60 films and 30 plays.

Glynis Johns was born October 5, 1923, in the city of Pretoria, South Africa. She was the daughter of a Welsh couple, which gave her a diverse cultural heritage from the onset. Her father, a well-established actor, infused Johns with a deep appreciation for the arts from a tender age. This early exposure to acting and theater became the foundation for her remarkable career. When she was a mere six years old, a change of scenery saw the family moving to England. This relocation further immersed Johns into a society rich with theatrical tradition and cinematic prowess, setting the stage for her future achievements. The move to England not only broadened her cultural perspective but also fine-tuned her inherent talent for acting, preparing her for a future on the world stage.

. At the age of 12, she stepped onto the stage for the first time in a production of "Peter Pan." Even as a young girl, her performances were filled with a maturity and finesse that hinted at the successful career to come. As she matured, Johns continued to amaze audiences and critics alike with her performances in acclaimed productions such as "The Little Dog Laughed" and "The Circle." With each role, she displayed a remarkable ability to bring her characters to life, offering compelling, emotionally-rich performances that resonated deeply with audiences. These performances not only affirmed her standing as a leading lady in the London theater scene, but also heralded her impending success in film. Indeed, Johns' theatrical career laid a solid foundation for her transition into the cinematic world, preparing her to take on a variety of complex roles with confidence and ease.

Her career took a decisive turn in 1946 with her transition into the world of film through the movie, "The Magic Bow". However, it was her portrayal of the charismatic Mrs. Banks in the 1964 Disney classic, "Mary Poppins" that catapulted her to international fame. This iconic role led to an Academy Award nomination and left an enduring imprint on cinema. As Mrs. Banks, Johns masterfully portrayed a suffragette with a mixture of gentility, courage, and a hint of comic relief, leaving audiences spellbound and deeply engaged with the character. Her journey in cinema didn't stop there. Her subsequent roles in films like "The Court Jester" and the musical, "A Little Night Music", further demonstrated her ability to inhabit diverse characters with depth and nuance. These performances amplified her stature as a versatile actress capable of traversing genres and styles with effortless grace.

While Glynis Johns was making her mark on stage and screen, she was also navigating the complexities of personal relationships. Her romantic journey led her down the aisle four times, with actor Cecil Henderson proving to be her most enduring marriage. Their relationship saw the addition of a son, Gareth Forwood, who followed his mother's footsteps into the world of performing arts.

On January 4, 2024, Glynis Johns passed away at the age of 100 at an assisted living home in Los Angeles.

Glynis Johns' Religious Beliefs

It is reported that Christian Science was a steadfast pillar in Glynis Johns' life journey. Her faith has played a paramount role in both her personal growth and professional development. As a devout Christian Scientist, Johns leaned on her spiritual beliefs to navigate the twists and turns of her career and personal life. The guiding principles of Christian Science, with its emphasis on spirituality and healing, provided Johns a robust framework to address life's challenges head-on. She has often shared about the strength and solace she derived from her spiritual practices, which served as her compass through the tumultuous landscapes of her professional life and personal relationships.

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