Zachary Hanson
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  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  October 22, 1985

Zac Hanson is the youngest member of Hanson, known best for their hit single, “MMMBop,” and has been performing on stage since he was 7 years old. In 1997, Zac and his brothers took the world by storm with their first commercial album, “middle of nowhere,” and Zac was widely regarded as the humourous, goofy one of the group. His antics always amused the audience and his brothers. After performing around their hometown for years, Zac and his brothers took things to the next level and set out to find a record producer who could land them a record contract.

According to them, the moment they were heard, they were practically signed. However, for Zac and his brothers, this came as no surprise. Fame seemed inevitable for Zac and his brothers due to their performing around Tulsa, releasing two independent albums before “middle of nowhere,” and having the right stage chemistry to win the hearts of the audience. After the release of “middle of nowhere,” the band took a break from the spotlight for a year. In 1999, the world had the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears, but Hanson was determined to be different from the bubblegum pop that was taking over the world.

Their second album, “This time around,” showed Hanson’s mature approach to music, and they were more confident in their abilities than with their previous album. However, the album was almost too mature and was met with a lukewarm response worldwide because people were accustomed to other popular boy bands like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. After a three-year struggle, the brothers left Island Def Jam Records to seek more creative freedom. Label executives refused over 80 songs from the band, believing new material lacked marketability. Hanson now records for their own independent label, 3CG Records.

What religion is Zac Hanson?

Zac Hanson was born in 1985 in Arlington, Virginia, but raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He plays drums, guitar, and piano and also sings backup lead vocals for the band. He also holds the title of youngest songwriter nominated for a Grammy Award and is the seventh-youngest Grammy nominee of all time. As for religion, Zac identifies as a Christian. According to the Georgian Orthodox Diocese of North America, he was recently ordained in the Orthodox Church as a deacon.

His aunt inspired his interest in the Orthodox Church; she’s an abbess of St. Nina Georgian Orthodox Monastery in Union Bridge, Maryland. Zac, along with his brother Isaac, became a member of the Orthodox faith over a decade ago. Deacon Mercurios, as he is named in the Church, is appointed to serve at the Holy Monastery of St. James the Apostle in Oklahoma.

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