kevin hart
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Comedian
  • Birthday:  July 06, 1979

Kevin Hart is an actor and comedian. After winning several stand-up comedy shows, Hart had his breakthrough role when Judd Apatow cast him on the TV series “Undeclared.” He’s since had roles in movies like “Scary Movie 3,” “Paper Soldiers,” “Soul Plane,” “In the Mix,” “Little Fockers,” “Ride Along,” and “Think Like a Man.” He’s also created and starred as a fictionalized version of himself in “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

Hart’s comedic reputation continued to grow after the release of his first stand-up album, “I’m a Grown Little Man.” Hart has since released four more comedy albums. In 2015, Time Magazine named him on its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2017, he launched the Laugh Out Loud Network, a subscription video streaming service in partnership with Lionsgate. Hart was born in Philadephia and raised in a single-parent household by his mother, who worked as a systems analyst for the Office of Student Registration and Financial Services at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hart’s father was a drug addict who was in and out of jail throughout the majority of Hart’s childhood, prompting him to use humor as a coping mechanism for his troubled family life. Eventually, his relationship with his father improved, and his father recovered from his addiction. Hart also discussed his mother in his stand-up routines, portraying her as a loving yet intimidating woman. He briefly attended the Community College of Philadelphia before dropping out and moving to New York City.

The actor and comedian’s first stand-up performance took place at The Laff House in Philadelphia under the name Lil Kev, which didn’t go well. Hart’s career suffered a slow start, and he was booed offstage several times. After those unsuccessful shows, he started entering comedy competitions throughout Massachusetts, with audience reception eventually improving. It took time for Hart to develop a unique comedic style, but he found his rhythm by delving into his life experiences and insecurities.

What religion is Kevin Hart?

Hart is a Christian who’s openly discussed his faith in the past. After surviving a horrific car crash in 2019, he praised God for saving his life. He said, “You know, when God talks, you gotta listen. I swear, life is funny. Because some of the craziest things that happen to you end up being the things that you needed most, and in this case, I honestly feel like God basically told me to sit down.”

He thanked his family, his friends, his fans, and “more importantly” God for saving his life. He said, “I’m thankful for simply still being here, on the road to being a bigger and better version of me. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2020.”

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