grant hill
Keith Allison / Flickr.com
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Athlete
  • Birthday:  October 05, 1972
  • Accomplishments:  NBA All-Star Game, Olympic Gold, The Olympics
  • Fun Fact: He has 2 daughters, Myla and Lael.

NBA veteran Grant Hill was drafted by the Detroit Pistons, and is a very talented athlete. Hill was raised in a devoutly Christian household, and his father Calvin was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. Grant became an All-American basketball player at Duke University before entering the NBA to much fanfare. At 6’ 8”, a height usually claimed by power forwards and centers, Grant could do everything the smallest man on the court could do, including play point guard, shoot the outside shot and drive to the basket fearlessly. Even as ankle and knee injuries slowed down his rise to superstardom, Grant was still a highly respected player and continues to be a positive influence on younger teammates as member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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