Gigi Hadid
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  • Faith: Muslim
  • Career: Public Figure
  • Birthday:  April 23, 1995

Gigi Hadid is an American supermodel who has walked the runway for the top designers in the fashion industry. She has been on the covers of a plethora of magazines such as “Vogue,” “Harper’s Bazaar,” “Elle,” “Teen Vogue,” and “Glamour.”

The fashion model was born Jelena Noura Hadid on April 23, 1995, in Los Angeles, and was raised near Santa Barbara. Horseback riding and volleyball were her first hobbies growing up, but modeling was her career passion. Her career destiny was similar to her mother Yolanda’s, who is a former Dutch model. Yolanda Hadid was also most known for starring in the reality show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Her father, Mohamed Hadid, is a Palestinian-American real estate developer.

Gigi’s modeling career started when she was a toddler after being scouted by a family friend and co-founder of “Guess” Paul Marciano. While attending Malibu High School, Gigi focused on competitive sports such as volleyball and horseback riding. Following her 17th birthday, Gigi went back to making modeling a priority in her life. After the 5-feet-10-inches model graduated high school, her career took off. She started working with major brands such as Versace, Reebok, Victoria’s Secret, and Tom Ford. She even had the opportunity to create her own fashion line collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

Gigi was brought up acknowledging two faiths since her father, Mohamed Hadid, is a Palestinian Muslim and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, is Christian. Gigi Hadid, her brother Anwar and sister Bella were raised primarily Muslim. Her partner and the father of her daughter Zayn Malik also grew up in a Muslim and Christian family with Pakistanian and English roots. 

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