Christina Hendricks
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  • Faith: Unknown
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  May 03, 1975

Christina Hendricks is a former model and actress. With an extensive career on stage and the screen, she’s received numerous accolades, including six Primetime Emmy Award nominations, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and two Critic” Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She’s best known for her role as Joan Harris in the drama series “Mad Men.” In 2010, a poll of female readers taken by Esquire Magazine named her “the sexiest woman in the world.” She was also voted “Best Looking Woman in America.”

Hendricks had recurring roles in numerous TV series, including “Beggars and Choosers” and “Kevin Hill,” before she was cast as Joan Holloway on “Mad Men” in 2007, which she remained a primary cast member until the series ended in 2015. Hendricks received critical acclaim for her role, including six Emmy nominations and multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Ensemble. While on “Mad Men,” Hendricks started appearing in movies, receiving critical notice for her performance in “Drive,” “Ginger & Rosa,” and “Lost River.”

After “Mad Men” ended, she starred in “Another Period” from 2015 to 2016 and in the drama series “Hap and Leonard.” Hendricks has also starred in “The Neon Demon,” “Fist Fight,” “The Strangers: Prey at Night,” and “Toy Story 4.” She returned to TV with starring roles on “Tin Star” and “Good Girls.” Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Hendricks was raised in Portland, Oregon and Twin Falls, Idaho, where she became active in local theater. After finishing high school in Virginia, she moved to New York City to pursue a modeling career following her entry into a Seventeen cover contest. She continued to work internationally as a model before transitioning into acting.

When Hendricks was a teen, her father’s job required the family to move near Washington, D.C., settling in Fairfax, Virginia. She described the move from Idaho to Virginia as “traumatic” for her, and she was frequently bullied in high school. Hendricks described herself as an “outcast” and a “goth” but found companionship in the school’s drama department, where she appeared in plays. In addition to theater, Hendricks also studied ballet as a teen. She left Fairfax High School during her senior year and finished her studies at a local community college.

After high school, she worked as a receptionist and shampoo girl at a salon before entering a competition to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. The competition resulted in her signing with IMG Models, after which she moved to New York City, forgoing her pre-acceptance into Virginia Commonwealth University’s drama school.

What religion is Christina Hendricks?

Christina Hendricks has never publicly claimed any religion, so it’s hard to say what her religious beliefs are. However, she’s been vocal about the media focusing too much on women’s bodies and not their talents. In an interview, she said, “I was working my but off on “Mad Men,” and then all anyone was talking about was my body.”

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