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  • Faith: Christian - Catholic
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  September 19, 1974
  • Accomplishments:  SNL
  • Fun Faith Fact!: Jimmy Fallon prefers traditional mass

Is Jimmy Fallon really Catholic? The answer is - absolutely. The late night host and Saturday Night Live legend grew up in a Catholic home and attended Catholic school. Unlike many of his celebrity peers, Fallon still loves his religion. He told NPR - "I just, I loved the church. I loved the idea of it. I loved the smell of the incense. I loved the feeling you get when you left church. I loved like how this priest can make people feel this good. I just thought it was – I loved the whole idea of it." He even served as an altar boy. While his faith is dear to him, Fallon has struggled with finding a church that serves mass in the traditional format that he truly loves.

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