dakota fanning
Liloesc / Wikicommons
  • Faith: Protestant
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  February 23, 1994
  • Accomplishments:  Teen Choice Awards, Hollywood Film Festival, MTV Movie Awards
  • Fun Fact: 

    Her first role, as a guest star on NBC's ER, playing a car accident victim where she laid on a bed in a cast with tubes for 2 days, remains her favorite role.

Her first role was at the age of 5 in a Tide commercial, and the rest is history! Her performance (at age 7) in I am Sam would go on to earn her a nomination for a Screen Actors' Guild Award, making her the youngest nominee in history.

Having a variety of roles under her belt, in "family" films like Charlotte's Web and more serious roles like in War of the Worlds, Fanning is definitely a screen presence. Branching out into modeling and television roles, Fanning also makes time for herself, including enrolling at NYU, where she has been a student since 2011.

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