Zac Efron
Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com
  • Faith: Judaism
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  October 18, 1987

Zachary David Alexander Efron is an American singer, actor, and model. He first started acting professionally in the early 2000s. Efron pursued acting since adolescence, frequently participating in his high school’s stage productions. He landed many minor roles on tv shows such as “E.R.,” but his career took off after his famous starring role as Troy Bolton in the Disney Channel “High School Musical” trilogy. He starred in many well-known movies such as the musical “Hairspray” and the comedy “17 Again”.

The actor started his career as the “teen heartthrob” but later transitioned to an acclaimed and versatile actor after taking on more serious roles.

The movie star’s surname “Efron” originates from Hebrew. His paternal grandfather is Jewish. The Hollywood actor has identified himself as Jewish. However, Efron was raised agnostically and did not practice religion seriously as a child.

Efron explained in an interview, “I was raised agnostic, so we never practiced religion, but my parents were very strict. After school, there would always be a parent at home. Af­ter, I did all my homework, we would eat dinner and then I could play video games. And that was my life.”

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