hurricanehank / Shutterstock.com
hurricanehank / Shutterstock.com
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  December 18, 1970

Earl Simmons, known by his artist name DMX, is a rapper, songwriter, and actor. DMX has released eight studio albums, 46 singles, and 11 film credits for his featured roles, including “Romeo Must Die” and “Cradle 2 the Grave”. His debut studio album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” sparked controversy for its dark and explicit content.

Simmons was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness faith by his mother but later became an Evangelical Christian after his time in prison. The music artist stated that while he was serving his sentence for drug charges, he read the Bible every day and wanted to convert unbelievers to Christianity. “I came here to meet somebody. Don’t know who it was, but I’ll know when I see him. And I came here to give him a message. And that message is Jesus loves them.” Simmons said in an interview.

Simmons now identifies as a Christian and expresses his life goal of becoming a Pastor. However, his stage name DMX (Dark Man Extreme) does not reflect his newfound faith. The New York native stated in an interview, “I think I’m going to have to change that soon for spiritual reasons. It’s just the whole ‘Dark Man’ thing. If you look at it from a spiritual point of view, the Bible teaches us we can speak things into existence. And Dark Man may not be the best name for me.”

Simmons was married to Tashera Simmons until 2014. The two have three sons and a daughter, in addition to his 11 other children.

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