Blythe Danner
Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com
  • Faith: Spirituality
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  February 03, 1943

Blythe Danner is an actress who’s received numerous accolades during her career, including a Tony and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Danner’s film credits include “Meet the Parents,” “Meet the Fockers,” “Hearts of the West,” and “The Last Kiss.” She’s the sister of Harry Danner, an actor and opera singer and the widow of Bruce Paltrow, with whom the couple shares two children, Gwenyth and Jack Paltrow.

Is Blythe Danner religious?

Blythe Danner considers herself more spiritual than religious. In an interview, Danner said, I have found transcendental meditation very helpful and comforting. It centers me.”

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