Ani DiFranco
Schorle / Wikimedia.org
  • Faith: Atheist
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  September 23, 1970
  • Accomplishments:  GRAMMY Nominees, Grammy Winner
  • Fun Faith Fact!: DiFranco released all her albums on her own record label.

Angela Maria "Ani" DiFranco is a singer, musician, poet, songwriter and activist who has released more than 20 albums. She has often been characterized as playing folk rock or alternative rock, but her style has many influences. She counts Pete Seeger, the American folk singer and songwriter, as one of her mentors and recieved positive feedback from critics for most of her career. She has two children with Mike Napolitano, Petah Lucia DiFranco Napolitano and Dante DiFranco Napolitano.

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