Patricia Clarkson
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  • Faith: Catholic
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  December 29, 1959

Patricia Clarkson is an actress who starred in various films and has won several awards, including three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Clarkson made her film debut in 1987’s “The Untouchables.” The following year, she starred in Clint Eastwood’s “The Dead Pool,” but her big break came in 1998’s “High Art,” where she played a drug-addicted actress. Clarkson has also appeared in films like “The Green Mile,” “The Station Agent,” “Shutter Island,” and “Easy A.”

Is Patricia Clarkson religious?

Patricia Clarkson grew up in a Catholic family in New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied speech pathology at LSU before deciding to get a drama degree. In 1980, she transferred to Fordham University to enroll in their acting program. In 1985, she earned a Master’s degree from Yale in Fine Arts. While discussing her faith, Clarkson said, “I have very strong ideas and strong convictions, and I think I have brought to fulfillment the life I’ve really always wanted.”

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