Jim Caviezel
Genevieve / Flickr.com
  • Faith: Christian - Catholic
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  September 26, 1968
  • Accomplishments:  Passion Of The Christ
  • Fun Fact: Jim Caviezel's most famous role is as none other than Jesus

Jim Caviezel is most known for his role as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ, and it isn’t surprising that he is an intensely Catholic man. He has sense moved into roles in crime dramas, but they are less representative of his beliefs. Raised in Washington, his Catholic roots ran deep in his family. Playing Jesus in such a monumental film made for a tough time in his career in a Hollywood that seemed to be miffed by the role, but he has since turned the corner. In addition to acting, he has been a speaker at religious meetings and conferences since playing the role of Jesus. Caveiezel has also adopted two disabled children. Photo courtesy of DFree.

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