Jim Carrey
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  • Faith: Christian - Catholic
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  January 17, 1962
  • Accomplishments:  Teen Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards
  • Fun Fact: Carrey is a believer in the law of attraction, a philosophical idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

James Eugene Carrey was born in Ontario, Canada. When his father lost his job, Carrey was forced to work to care for his family and was never able to finish high school. Eventually, after some failed attempts, Carrey started his career as a stand-up comedian but did not have his first experience with true stardom until his 1994 performance in the movie “Ace Ventura.” Since then, he has been very successful and has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with a net worth of around $150 million.

Carrey has suffered from depression in the past but has stated that he no longer takes any medication or stimulants, even including coffee. He has been a critic of the scientific consensus that there is no evidence that links the childhood MMR vaccine to the development of autism. With his previous girlfriend and actress Jenny McCarthy, he led a “Green Our Vaccine” march in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the removal of toxins from children’s vaccines. He is also into transcendental meditation, a meditation technique practiced twice a day.

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