Jamie Lee Curtis
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  • Faith: Judaism
  • Career: Actress
  • Birthday:  November 22, 1958

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress and producer. Her rise to stardom started with her role as Lt. Barbara Duran on “Operation Petticoat.” Curtis made her film debut in 1978 as Laurie Strode in “Halloween,” establishing her as a scream queen and leading to other roles in numerous other horror films. However, Curtis’ career includes films in different genres like “True Lies,” “Trading Places,” “Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan, and “Knives Out.”

She’s received awards for her work, including a People’s Choice Award and a Golden Globe. She’s also a philanthropist, supporting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Is Jamie Lee Curtis religious?

Jamie Lee Curtis has Jewish heritage, but it’s unknown if she identifies as Jewish. In 1990, Curtis and her father took a renewed interest in the family’s Hungarian Jewish heritage and helped invest in rebuilding the “Great Synagogue” in Budapest. The synagogue was originally built in 1859 and suffered damage during World War II, but it’s the largest synagogue in Europe.

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