Hailey Baldwin credit Andrea Raffin Shutterstock
Andrea Raffin Shutterstock
  • Faith: Christian
  • Career: Public Figure
  • Birthday:  November 22, 1996

Hailey Baldwin is the younger daughter of actor Stephen Andrew Baldwin and his wife Kennya Deodato. Hailey first began modeling with the New York agency Ford Models and made her first commercial campaign in 2014 with the clothing brand French Connection. Her first magazine cover photoshoot was for “Jalouse Magazine” with male model Lucky Blue Smith in April of 2015. She has since appeared in “Marie Claire,” “Vogue,” “Glamour Magazine,” “Harper’s Bazaar and “Elle.” Hailey has also had brief acting cameos alongside other members of the Baldwin family and in music videos. In 2016, she collaborated on a clothing brand and a U.K. based footwear brand and announced she was planning to launch her own make up collection.

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