Paula Abdul
Allie Martin / Flickr
  • Faith: Judaism
  • Career: Musician
  • Birthday:  June 19, 1962
  • Accomplishments:  American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy Award
  • Fun Faith Fact!: Israel's Tourist Minister invited her to Israel, and she returned in 2013, at age 51, for her bat mitzvah

Former Laker Girl Paula Abdul does it all - dance, act, teach and judge competitions, choreograph, you name it! We expect nothing less from a woman was "discovered" by the Jacksons during a Lakers game, and asked to choreograph a music video, leading to a successful career including choreographing videos for Janet Jackson.

Her first album went multi-platinum. She followed with numerous successes before taking a break from her film and vocal career. She's been more active in recent years returning to her choreography roots.

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