criss angel
  • Faith: Eastern Orthodox
  • Career: Actor
  • Birthday:  December 19, 1967

Long before the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, there was a young boy in Long Island who was captivated by the art of magic. An encounter with a card trick performed by his Aunt Stella ignited a passion in him at the age of seven. This childhood fascination wasn't just a fleeting interest - it laid the groundwork for Angel's future career. Undeterred by the painstaking practice and persistence required, he embarked on his magical journey, performing at local gatherings, eateries, and birthday celebrations. In these early stages, Angel was not just building an act, he was crafting a persona, sharpening his skills and carving out a niche for himself.

Criss Angel's prodigious talent started shining at a young age, captivating audiences while on tour with various traveling performance acts. However, his rise to the top truly began in 2005 with the debut of his television show, "Criss Angel Mindfreak". A groundbreaking series that fused street magic with spellbinding stage illusions, it quickly enthralled viewers nationwide. Angel's signature style – a fusion of audacity and mastery over seemingly impossible feats – was on full display, sending his fame soaring. As his unique brand of magic captivated audiences across the country, Angel swiftly evolved into one of the most distinguishable personas in the magical realm.

Criss Angel entered an extraordinary chapter of his career in 2008 when he partnered with Cirque du Soleil. Together, they produced "Criss Angel Believe" at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. The show, a breathtaking spectacle of audacious illusions and artistic performances, quickly ascended to become one of Las Vegas's most triumphant magic shows. This unprecedented success fortified Angel's stature as a global illusionist phenomenon. The International Magicians Society hailed him with accolades such as Magician of the Decade and Magician of the Century. This fruitful decade in Las Vegas not only expanded his fame but also showcased his magical prowess on a grander scale.

Criss Angel Religious Beliefs

Criss Angel's Eastern Orthodox faith, a legacy of his upbringing in a devout Greek Orthodox family, has been his guiding compass throughout his life and career. His faith is more than just a spiritual practice—it's an integral part of who he is. The strength, humility, and perseverance that are central tenets of this ancient tradition have been pivotal in Angel's journey, shaping his character and influencing his work. The Eastern Orthodox faith, although less familiar to many in the U.S., boasts a profound history and rich traditions that are inseparable from Angel's persona. A source of grounding amidst the glitter of fame, his faith stands as a beacon amidst the whirlwind of his success. Criss Angel is not one to keep his faith hidden. He frequently acknowledges his spiritual leanings, from making the sign of the cross before he performs to declaring God as his ultimate hero. Angel's conviction isn't confined to his personal life; it also manifests in his philanthropic endeavors. The mantra of his foundation, "Believe Anything is Possible," not only encapsulates his magical philosophy but also mirrors his religious conviction in the might of faith and optimism. In a world where belief can often wane, Angel's public expression of his faith and charity work serve as a powerful reminder of the strength of spiritual conviction.

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