Pain Management
Tools for Coping with Chronic Pain
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Finding ways to nurture our spirits can help us cope with pain at the same time that we discover nuggets of grace, comfort, and productivity. Author Maureen Pratt shares ten tools that can help you get started toward peace in spite of and in the midst of pain.

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Affirmations to Break Painful Patterns
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Negative thinking is believed to exacerbate chronic pain conditions. These eight affirmations will help you direct your energy in a positive direction, learning to let go of pain in the process.

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Managing Arthritic Pain
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Don't let pain overshadow your days - take control!

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Yoga for Chronic Pain
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Yoga instructor Liz Owen offers a healing sequence of 10 poses to help strengthen your body, ease your mind, and help you release your pain.

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Channel Your Pain
People Yoga Meditation
Renowned Buddhist author and teacher Pema Chodron guides you through a five-minute meditation on how to change your pain into compassion.

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Finding Comfort and Peace in Pain
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Living with persistent, severe pain means utilizing a combination of therapeutic strategies.

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How Do You Manage Pain?
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Pain is more than a physical consequence of an accident or disease. It’s also a guide to your body and ways it might be in trouble.

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