Migraine Management: Take Back Your Life
Ways to Avoid Migraine Triggers
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Learn how to avoid unnecessary migraine triggers and manage the ones you can't.

Here are some tips to protect yourself.

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How Well Do You Manage Your Migraines?
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Are you doing all you should to keep your migraine headaches in check?

Take the quiz and find out.

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Migraine Facts and Fiction
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Is it a migraine or a regular headache? Learn what a migraine is — and isn't. Knowledge is the first step toward controlling this chronic condition.

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Natural Migraine Relief
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These natural migraine relief tips — using everything from gentle breathing to meditation to essential oils — can assist you mid-migraine and possibly prevent them.

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Meditation for Migraine Relief
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Learn to use guided imagery to control pain and visualize relief.

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Got Frequent Headaches?
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Medical science has identified over 100 different types of headaches, but most of us never seek medical help for our headaches.

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Peace in Pain
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Dealing with persistent, severe pain means utilizing a combination of therapeutic strategies.

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