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Due to pressing commitments — a wedding, a music gig, a poopstorm of other activities — we weren’t able to make it to church this last weekend. But never fear! We aren’t going to let you down this week, dear […]

I’m not sure I’ve admitted it on this blog before, but I happen to be a registered Republican. Wait! Where are you going?! Stay! I’m a NICE Republican, I swear. I’m pro gay marriage! I’m against don’t ask, don’t tell! […]

By Joel Gunz In a perfect world, you would never see a church set aside just for gay people. It makes about as much sense as starting a church for the left-handed, the red-headed  or the peanut-intolerant. But we don’t […]

A friend posted the following video to my Facebook page and I just had to share it here. Remind you of anything?

By Joel Gunz I don’t think it’s any coincidence that in Portland, Father’s Day coincides with its annual Pride Festival, which celebrates our local lesbian/gay/bisexual/transexual/queer (LGBTQ) community with a parade, live entertainment and more. It’s kind of a big deal […]

“What’s a nice atheist like you doing in a church like this?” That, more or less, is the reaction we get from many religious leaders when we show up on their doorstep on Sundays. At least, that’s what they seem […]

By Joel Gunz Woweeeeee! At City Bible Church (total membership, 6,000), they sure have fun. They clap. They sing songs. Oh, and they love to play Repeat After Me. As in: CBC Lead Pastor Frank Damazio: “Jesus says, ‘Love God.’ […]

Today we visited Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. I know what you’re thinking:  With it being Pentecost Sunday and all, we should have visited a charismatic church for some good old-fashioned speaking in tongues, healing and other nonsense.  But we heard the […]

By Amanda P. Westmont Walking through the front doors of City Bible Church is much like wading through the crowd into a rock concert. You can practically see the energy sparking in the air like a hormone meringue pie whipped […]

Joel and I hate to admit this, but we’ve have had one hell of a week. And City Bible Church was one hell of a church. We don’t want to rush our reviews because we both feel they might be […]