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It feels like Monday  today,  that’s not a bad thing…  I attribute it to the hurricane mayhem this past weekend. I feel lucky and blessed that the extent of my water damage. was limited to my mail box and all of it’s […]

This is the second part of my quotes to embrace change posts. It’s been awhile, so here’s the first quotes to embrace change post in case you missed it!   I hope you are having a lovely Sunday morning wherever you […]

Today I have a simple quote taken from/inspired by Operation Beautiful. “What lies behind you does not define you.” Who are you? How do others see you? Does it really matter? What do you think? If I had to describe myself […]

Another year. Another year to live out Gods intentions for my life.  A year to stand out of my own way.  A year to live by strong convictions, faith, courage, perseverance, and truth. Another year wiser, not another year older […]

              Change is a certainity of life.  In my experience change is usually hard, or it’s not really a “change”. I’ve put together a few quotes about change to inspire you today. He who rejects change is […]