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Watchwoman’s Editorial Comment: Once again, I am not claiming that this video is or is not a hoax. That is for you to decide. I can’t translate the Arab languages, so I have no idea if the translation is accurate. […]

  Watchwoman: I can just about picture in my mind every Dem campaign strategist sticking their finger in the air to see which way they should go, to continue catering to the sodomites to continue getting their big buck$ from […]

  Watchwoman: On the local news I saw ONE brief item and a quick picture of the destroyed billboard that the so do mites violently objected to and that was it!  I cannot find the news item or any picture […]

Watchwoman: In the Reuters item shown below (I nabbed one line from it) that I must say that certainly I agree with Dick Morris, a Democrat and former big-time promoter of Bill Clinton, who is a Fox News Contributer, who […]

Yep! While 244,000 new jobs were created, UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASED! UNEMPLOYMENT is up to 9%. Worse yet, according to many inside sources the real unemployment rate is double that, 18%. I’m sure you didn’t hear that on the lamestream commie news networks! Now why does […]

A Harley biker was riding by the zoo in Washington, DC when he saw a  little girl leaning into the lion’s cage.   Suddenly, the lion grabbed her by the cuff of her jacket and tried  to pull her inside […]