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Watchwoman’s Prayer for Obama on his Birthday: But then again, who knows when Obama’s B-day is?  Depends on which birth document you look at, aye?  LOL!!!!  Anyway, for the past month or more, every time I open my email box, […]

Who cares about truth? Judge rules Obama will stay on ballot anyway!           Item #1 of 2 Another administrative law judge / attorney general duo has upheld Obama’s eligibility to appear on a state ballot, ruling […]

Item #1 of 2 Sheriff Joe: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud Team wants investigation elevated to criminal-forgery probe – person of interest ID’d NOTE: In case you missed the news conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse,” WND […]

Talk about trying to dismantle the Constitution!!! MINI Documentary     Hear Carl Gallups (narrator) every Friday – 1330 WEBY AM – Gulf Coast Talk Radio Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups LIVE STREAM EMAIL us for salvation assistance   […]

Watchwoman: FYI:  Attention: “Birthers”!  I got the following suggested fax letter (sample below) in my email inbox from two sources: The Center for Western Journalism and The White House Watch/Impeach Obama Campaign. They are both urging activists to fax the […]

Watchwoman: Regarding this huge news item, my question is this…Why do we hear every word about Romeny’s Income Tax Returns, Newt’s open marriage accusation from his ex, Herman Cain’s groping, Santorum’s baby that died 15 years ago, Perry’s gaffs, etc., etc., […]

Watchwoman: Look at your birth certificate.  There are two important facts on it.  Your height and weight.  I see it on mine and my children’s.  It’s missing from the phony one that the phony, illegal, illegitimate man’s so-called birth certificate offered as […]

Bogus Obama document ‘bigger than Watergate’ By Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily A retired U.S. military commander who brought a court challenge to Barack Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office says the mounting evidence indicating the “Certificate of Live Birth” he released […]

Please help this go viral! Click LIKE! You have to see this video!!!! This fellow shows you on his own computer step-by-step how the White House foolishly altered Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate. He takes you to the White House’s web […]

BabyBama – Born in the USA? That’s Not Been Resolved by Any Stretch of the Imagination! World Net Daily writes: “Barack Obama blinked – releasing birth records he has hired lawyers to prevent the public from seeing, even at the […]