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The Intolerant Left-Wing Media Conservatives have railed against left-wing media bias for years. It’s one thing for someone like Rush Limbaugh to criticize Big Media as biased. But it is far more damning when another liberal blasts the left-wing media […]

Watchwoman’s Editorial: Notice the RACE CARD played again by MSNBC’s co-host Tourè on “The Cycle” on the August 16, 2012 program (see article below).  This is a constant with the communist Democrat-backed news media that they get directly from the […]

Watchwoman Comment/Editorial: Here we go again! Mrs. Arlene Holmes, the mother of James Holmes, the Batman Movie Massacre, wants you to know, she did not mean what ABC News said she meant when she said, “you have the right person.” […]

WATCHWOMAN QUESTION? Strangely, the media never put the interviews of the passengers on the news!  Now ain’t that a shock!  Why not?  Oh, wait, I forgot.  Dummy me!  The passengers would have said that it was a Yemeni (middle-eastern looking […]

Does this concern you?  Is it right?  Do you believe it is all innocent?  Coincidental?  Intentional?  Dangerous?  Brainwashing? What is your viewpoint?