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President Obama delivered a speech today which the New York Times labeled “a sweeping plan to address climate change.” In reality he is declaring war on the coal industry and your wallet.   Tuesday, June 25, 2013 From: Gary L. […]

Obama’s Secret ‘Green’ Bank Exposed The Secret Government Bank That’s Financing More Solyndras … Sitting at the center of the Solyndra scandal is an off-balance-sheet bank at the Treasury Department that dates back to 1973. This little-known government bank, the Federal […]

WATCHWOMAN WARNING – Cap ‘n Trade will break the enconomy of the U.S.A.  It is pure evil legislation! It will destroy jobs!   ▬ Donna Calvin Obama Commerce Nominee in 2009: U.S. Must Pass Cap and Trade Now Tuesday, May 31, […]

A woman with a cell phone took this picture last night around 7 PM.  It was shown all over the local news. Every night around 7 PM, the severe weather starts.  The local news teams get on the air and […]